SoundSpace Systems at HIGH END Audio Show in Munich this May

This year at the High End Show in Munich we focus completely on the sound of the music and will surprise with a different demo approach. SoundSpace Systems is presenting its loudspeakers Aidoni and Pirol. Visit us and listen to these exceptional speakers that reveal the emotion and the power captured in music.

We believe in the magic of music and work hard for it. Last year was filled with sleepless nights and we worked hard on creating a sound space that is breathtaking. Together with an expert panel of artists, musicians, composers and technologists we explored further improvement opportunities. In a co-creation approach that integrated our development partners, electronics manufacturers and all of our suppliers we elevated „Aidoni’s“ performance to an even higher level that finally unleashes the remaining potential of this super speaker.

On this journey we took nothing for granted and followed the philosophy that everything matters particularly at this performance level. We moved from flat gold/silver cabeling to hand woven solid core silver cabeling with differentiated geometries for the top, the mids and the bass. We created a cabinet made from solid timber, we upgraded the composition and structure of the module frames. We optimized everything including adhesives, connectors and covers. All drivers are modified now differently. Cable routing and cable guards were introduced. Bass management (i.e. amplifications, boosting, integration) was completely overhauled. No stone was left unturned, everything matters and the performance is breath taking: Aidoni is the result of a sophisticated craftmanship and technology only available in limited numbers.

SoundSpace Systems concept for the demo show at the High End Munich in May is all around the magic of music. A handful of friends from around the world will play music they are passionate about. Join us to experience their musical world and maybe you are experiencing a new world for yourself.